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About MCUA

The purpose of the Missouri Credit Union Association is to promote, protect and perfect an environment, which allows credit unions, as unique organizations, the opportunity to meet the financial needs of members. To accomplish this purpose, components of the League will:

  • Promote interest and cooperation among credit unions, members of credit unions, and state and national associations of credit unions and credit union leagues and their affiliates.
  • Foster the organization and continued operation of new credit unions, and to enhance and expand fields of membership so as to offer services to all qualified persons under state and federal law.
  • Support the common legislative/political opportunities or needs of Missouri credit unions at all levels of government.
  • Contribute to higher standards of credit union management, operation and supervision.
  • Conduct central business functions and services for and on behalf of credit unions that will contribute to their common benefit and to the financial support of the League.
  • Represent credit unions in contact with state and federal agencies.
  • Further in every way the development and progress of credit unions and credit union members in the State of Missouri.
  • Promote and encourage interest in, and a better understanding of, credit unions among the general public.
  • Provide adequate capital to accomplish the mission of the League and to promote the adequate capitalization of its credit unions.