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Grassroots Efforts

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) takes a strong role in reaching members and consumers to connect to legislators on behalf of credit union issues. Whether it's an issue on the state or federal level, each and every credit union employee and volunteer, member and consumers-at-large can affect the outcome of an issue being addressed in Jefferson City or Washington, D.C. 

Stay Current on Issues

Become an advocate for credit unions by connecting with your congressional leaders, state legislators and local officials. Use Facebook pages to stay current on issues and comment on behalf of the credit union system. Social networking is a quick and easy way to express your opinion and stay connected on an issue. Follow MCUA for information you won't find anywhere else. 


It’s important for credit union leaders, volunteers, and members to communicate with elected officials on credit union issues.  The Missouri Credit Union Association’s Center for Legislative Action allows you to quickly and easily share concerns with members of Missouri’s General Assembly and U.S. Congress. 

Click the image to go to MCUA's Center for Legislative Action.

Call to Action

MCUA sends Call to Actions on both state and federal issues to credit unions when contact with lawmakers regarding a particular issue or bill is needed. 

The Missouri Credit Union Association created the Credit Union Advocates to encourage and enable each credit union in their efforts to participate in credit union advocacy - including legislative, governmental and regulatory outreach. 

The Credit Union Advocates is intended as a core group of credit union leaders – presidents, managers, volunteers, and/or staff members involved in the community – who step up and take part in advocacy efforts.  Each credit union is asked to have at least one person on staff as part of the Credit Union Advocates to serve as the credit union’s grassroots/legislative coordinator.

Activities range from meeting with your state and federal representatives, providing the Association with information on local candidates, and attending governmental affairs events at the state capitol and Washington, D.C.,  to promoting fundraising activities for political action, writing and reporting on these outreach efforts in newsletters and at chapter meetings, and organizing letter-writing campaigns on targeted legislative issues. 

All politics are local.  Making sure lawmakers take notice of credit union concerns and issues starts with you! 

Credit Union Advocates Responsibilities
Credit Union Best Practices Supporting Missouri Credit Union Legislative and Regulatory Efforts

Credit Union President

  • Appoint active grassroots/legislative coordinator annually.
  • Ask management team to contribute to CULAC.
  • Budget for and schedule at least one representative from the credit union to attend Hike the Hill (DC) and/or legislative meetings in Jefferson City each year.
  • Contact with and/or personal relationship with state and federal representatives and their staff
  •  Authorize:
  • Payroll deduction and/or dress down days for CULAC.
  • Credit union contribution to CUPAC.

Grassroots/Legislative Coordinator

  • Contact with and/or personal relationship with state and federal representatives and their staff.
  • Participate in advocacy training provided by MCUA.
  • Coordinate credit union’s participation in “Calls to Action.”
  • Ensure that management team participates in all “Calls to Action.”
  • Coordinate credit union contribution to CUPAC.
  • Coordinate payroll deduction/dress down efforts for staff to contribute to CULAC.
  • Update Project Zip Code twice a year.
  • Coordinate communications on credit union issues and advocacy for staff/board/members.
  • Share credit union activities, efforts and positive news stories with MCUA in a timely manner for broader publication and communication to lawmakers.
  • Solicit campaign volunteers for credit union-backed candidates.
  • Attend political functions, fundraisers and events with MCUA staff.

(Please select at least two of the following)

Credit Union Informational and Educational Opportunities  

  • Utilize advocacy training, available both in-person and online.
  • Focus beyond trade media to share with local news outlets.
  • Engage in social media supporting credit union legislative goals.
  • Find earned media opportunities.
  • Allow members to sign up for special communications on issues and advocacy issues.
  • Support a user-friendly credit union website that provides members with information on legislation.

Credit Union Political Action Opportunities

  • Activate membership when asked for political action.
  • Send partisan communications.
  • Regularly communicate with credit union members on issues/advocacy.  
  • Invite local lawmakers to your credit union.  Host candidate tours and/or meet-and-greets at branches.

Every credit union serves as an advocate for the credit union movement. Understanding and communicating the credit union difference is an important part of credit union advocacy.  

Audio/Visual Resources

These videos created by MCUA and other sources help illustrate the credit union difference.

Advocacy Training Resources

The Missouri Credit Union Association is scheduling advocacy training around the state.  Watch for more details coming soon. 

There are also online training options available.