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NCUA Named a Best Place to Work

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 2:14pm
DiversityComm declares the agency a top employer for minorities, women and veterans.
Categories: Credit Union News

Breaking the Boardroom Glass Ceiling: MCU

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 11:36am
Municipal Credit Union names first female board chair in its 99-year history.
Categories: Credit Union News

NAFCU Board of Directors Conference: Photos

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 11:33am
Check out scenes from NAFCU’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference in Louisville, Ky.
Categories: Credit Union News

Regulations Cripple Small Credit Unions

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 11:01am
Increasing regulatory burdens are forcing small institutions to merge or die, Continuity affirms.
Categories: Credit Union News

Basel Guidance May Burden Credit Unions

Tue, 05/12/2015 - 10:33am
WOCCU warns the Basel Committee's guidance could change how U.S. credit unions account for credit losses.
Categories: Credit Union News

EMV Adoption Rates Show the U.S. Lagging

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 2:54pm
The 2014 adoption rate in 37 European countries is 83.5%, while America comes in last at just 7.3%.
Categories: Credit Union News

Security Hinders Payment Technology: Survey

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 2:11pm
Financial institutions considered the most capable providers of payment technology, Ovum survey finds.
Categories: Credit Union News

CO-OP THiNK : Complete Coverage

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 11:58am
Complete coverage of CO-OP THiNK 15.
Categories: Credit Union News

Cyberattacks Target Mobile Banking

Mon, 05/11/2015 - 11:31am
Kaspersky Lab reports more than two billion malicious attacks on computers and mobile devices in Q1 2015.
Categories: Credit Union News

Alabama One Petitions for Prison Hearing

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 8:40pm
The credit union calls for a prison meeting with Butler; Alabama One execs must share the blame, Butler says.
Categories: Credit Union News

FBI Takes Over CU CFO Kidnap/Robbery Case

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 11:06am
Connecticut's Attorney General transfers the case; no charges arose from alleged home invasion.
Categories: Credit Union News

Target Settlement: Judge Denies Injunction

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 10:09am
Although Judge Paul Magnuson agrees the settlement isn't fair, a lack of class action status makes it legal.
Categories: Credit Union News

EMV Forum Releases Contactless Debit Guidance

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 9:27am
Guidance addresses fundamentals of contactless acceptance, common compliance issues and processing.
Categories: Credit Union News

Wages, Privacy, Recruitment Top Credit Union HR Issues

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 11:00pm
All businesses survive or thrive based on the capabilities of their personnel, and that includes credit unions. Staff members are not only the credit union's most expensive resource, but also its most volatile, and numerous laws and regulations exist to make sure staff members are treated fairly and equitably in...
Categories: Credit Union News

CUNA Task Force Chair Explains Unified Structure

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 10:25pm
In an exclusive interview with CU Times, Suncoast CEO Tom Dorety talks about his task force's recommendations to CUNA.
Categories: Credit Union News

What Credit Unions Really Think: Onsite Coverage

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 7:45pm
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–Credit union executives weigh in on technology and consumer expectations.
Categories: Credit Union News

CO-OP to Waive $9.1 Million in EMV Fees: Onsite Coverage

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 7:25pm
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–Subsidy program intends to lift EMV cost burdens from smaller credit unions.
Categories: Credit Union News

Credit Unions Learn From Tesla: Onsite Coverage

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 5:17pm
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–JB Straubel shares six key principles at CO-OP's THiNK 15.
Categories: Credit Union News

Simplify to Succeed: Onsite Coverage

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 4:32pm
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–A panel at CO-OP's THiNK 15 discusses credit unions and betterment.
Categories: Credit Union News

Ransomware, WordPress Threats Grow

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 11:52am
New malware catches IT departments by surprise; more than $1 million in losses reported since last June.
Categories: Credit Union News