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Checking Accounts

​Checking Accounts

The lifeblood of a credit union is meeting the deposit and withdrawal needs of members. Credit union managers need a check processing resource they can trust. They also need ways to do more with less.

iVia is a new name in check processing services. But it’s a name with more than 20 years of success as the check processing center of the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA), one of the most financially stable associations in the country.

That’s 20 years of serving credit unions and only credit unions. It’s 20 years of adding new check technology and cost efficiencies for item processing. And it’s 20 years that have seen us grow to serve 200 credit unions in four states, processing in excess of 3 million items a month.

Time and time again, we’ve been able to show credit unions we can save them money by using iVia Exchange. And, we’re an in-movement service that’s financially stable, experienced and growing to meet your needs with tomorrow’s solutions.

Contact your MCUA field representative (listed at right) for details.

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Our experience matters. Your experience matters. At iVia, we are proud of our customer-focused philosophy. Transitioning your item processing to iVia will be smooth and seamless. From there, our staff’s knowledge, efficiency and responsiveness will deliver a customer experience that is consistently superior. Products include:

  • Image Exchange: With this service iVia provides the latest in check image technology to help streamline the processing of your members’ share drafts.
  • Remote Deposit Exchange: Credit union items received over the counter or in ATMs at remote locations or branches can be scanned and sent electronically to iVia for collection and settlement. Benefits include:

    • Reduced opportunities for fraud
    • Reduced or eliminated encoding expenses and courier costs
    • Improved availability of funds — 100% availability is passed the following business day
    • Extends cutoff time – 8pm CST Monday through Friday
    • Improved efficiencies and reduced errors
    • Replaced microfilming efforts and costs
  • Research: With our advanced software and a commitment to customer service, we provide fast research for duplicate items and other issues as they arise.
  • Checkview: Allows credit union home banking members to view images of their cleared checks 24/7. Check copies may be retrieved, viewed and printed from any PC with Internet access.

Contact a member of the product team (listed at right) for details.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to serve your members. It’s time to start Consumer Exchange. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal citing statistics from a recent Charles Schwab survey, nearly seven in ten Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 are interested in using their mobile phones to deposit checks, largely based on convenience.

Consumer Exchange puts a virtual teller in the hands of members, allowing them to make remote deposits using point-and-shoot technology on devices like an iPhone or Droid handheld.

What better way to serve members who have moved or those that fly the coup during cold weather? Giving them the ability to deposit their checks while away from a branch is just one more reason a member will stay a member.

If you have small business members, you need iMerchant Exchange.

iMerchant Exchange allows a credit union’s business members to electronically capture check images by scanning them and make online deposits. iMerchant Capture benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need for the business owner to physically deliver deposits to the credit union
  • Eliminates the process of taking photocopies of checks or deposits before making a deposit
  • Check images are transmitted to iVia using a secure Internet connection
  • Check image capture creates an electronic archive of all checks

iVia’s remote capture operating system also provides functionality to receive third party electronic cash letter (ECL) files for settlement and image archive. An example of a third party ECL file is items deposited in Ensenta kiosk machines, ATM’s and other merchant capture systems.

Get iMerchant Exchange today. Your business members will thank you for it.

Contact a member of the sales team (at right) for details.

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