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Consulting & Planning

Consulting and Planning

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) employs a team of experts dedicated to ensuring member credit unions have the resources they need to succeed in today's marketplace. Our team brings more than 75 years of financial industry service to provide you a thorough process with end-result suggestions based on a knowledge of what has worked for similar situations in the past. Whether you have questions on field of membership, regulations or new products, look to our team for help with:


  • Asset-Liability Management: Our team can help in evaluating the impact of their pricing concepts in either a falling rate and/or rising rate environment.  A service is also available that will calculate ALM ratios and make recommendations every six months. There is an annual subscription fee for this ongoing service. ALM support and training brought to you in partnership with the Texas Credit Union League.
  • Budget Assistance: If it's financial assistance you seek, our consultants can help with analytical and decision-based budgeting. Using your goals for asset growth, loan and investment activity, share growth, ROA (net income or bottom line), consultants can take your through a myriad of "what if" situations using industry-level software to ensure all budget items are considered before making any forecasts and budget decisions.
  • Assisting with Regulator/Examiners' Findings: If you need help resolving regulator and examiner's findings, look no further than MCUA. Because of their experience, our team can assist you with mediating and understanding examiners findings, as well as find resolutions and document next steps such as necessary policy changes and procedures to implement.
  • Charter and Field of Membership Changes: The consultants can provide credit unions with assistance and guidance when planning for charter conversions or field of membership changes.
  • Board and Supervisory Committee Training: Every credit union needs a well-trained board and supervisory committee. Look to our team of experts to help you provide the information necessary to keep your board and committees up to speed on industry topics.


  • Business Plan Development: We can assist credit unions with the development of various levels of business plans. Evaluation of the credit union's planning needs will help the credit union and consultant arrive at the best possible type of plan to create. Small credit unions may need only a few goals and detailed action plans to accomplish those goals. The more sophisticated and progressive credit unions may want a strategic plan to help them take advantage of their competitive opportunities. 
  • Chapter Planning Assistance: The consultants, in partnership with MCUA's Professional Development Department, can also assist the chapter in securing speakers and or interacting with the program committee to plan subject matter and programs that appeal to the members.
  • Financial Impact Analysis/Building and Facilities Plan: The consultants can assist with a five-year pro-forma balance sheet and income statement to analyze the impact of purchasing any type of fixed asset (building, equipment, etc.). This information can be used for almost any "What If" question regarding the credit union's plan.

Contact your MCUA field representative (listed at right) for details.