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Human Resource Solutions

Human Resource Solutions

Attracting, managing and retaining employees has become an enormous challenge for many companies, not just credit unions. Add to that: complex, ever-changing employment laws and regulations, and the crush could be unmanageable. That’s why the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) launched its human resource consulting support in 2011.

Human resource functions are more than personnel-related paperwork. Just like we need resources of capital, land and equipment to run our businesses effectively, so too, do we need human resources. Human resources should address four key functions:

  • Cost of human resources management
  • Liability
  • Administration of human resource functions
  • Productivity

MCUA can help you strategically integrate these four key areas into effective human resource processes, programs and practices for your daily operations. And, with our partnership with HRN Performance Solutions, we can support the entire life cycle of an employee. Consider us your hire to retire help. 


Now more than ever credit unions are faced with huge challenges of finding and hiring top talent. MCUA’s flexible, creative and cost-effective recruiting services can help. We have the deep industry knowledge, wide range of contacts and host of support services you need.

From the start, we’ll work with you on developing a strategic placement plan that fits your needs. We take the time to ask the right questions, addressing the specific needs of your opportunity and incorporating best practices. Plans can include:

  • Strategy discussions to determine the right set of skills for your open position
  • Job description development
  • Compensation and benefit design
  • Ad development and placement
  • Screening and scheduling
  • Designing and delivering the offer
  • And, much more.

The process is thorough and confidential, ensuring we reach the desired end result of filling your vacancy with top notch talent.

Contact your MCUA field representative (listed at right) for details.

If you have employees, you should have written policies that describe procedures and benefits, expectations and requirements of the organization. The presence of written policies, as well as proof that the employer provided the handbook to the employee, and consistent application of policies described in the handbook are effective defenses against legal claims. However, handbooks themselves can cause problems for employers if they are out-of-date and not consistent with federal or state laws, or are written in a manner that can be construed as a contract, or if their procedures are not followed. That’s where the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) can help.

MCUA can provide you support with writing, editing and/or revising your personnel policy to ensure it is current with federal and state employment law. We also can provide insights into best practices, training opportunities and much more.

Contact your MCUA field representative (listed at right) for details.

Performance Management

With good management skills and the right set of policies, you can evaluate the performance of your employees. That’s where MCUA’s partnership with HRN Performance Solutions can help. With Performance Pro you can save time, increase productivity and eliminate hassles when administering employee performance reviews. Performance Pro is a user-friendly, centralized online solution to streamline and improve employee development and bottom line performance.

Performance Pro includes everything you need to simplify, automate and improve your performance management program—secure data hosting, online storage, implementation, customer support, upgrades, maintenance, manager tools and libraries of content. It is all included in one low, annually renewable per-employee cost.


A Salary Administration System consisting of customized consulting, market data and information, software, training, and ongoing support. Compease delivers the time-saving tools you need to manage employee compensation with ease, accountability, and confidence.

Compease salary administration software helps you develop and maintain competitive pay rates, drive employee performance, and manage merit increases and compensation budgets. Stay competitive in today's economy by ensuring that salaries are aligned with the market and equitable within your organization.


As organizations look to control base salary costs, achievement-based compensation incentives are gaining acceptance and widespread adoption. Developed by a team of compensation and incentive professionals, Incentease is a revolutionary online application designed to make incentive pay programs more effective at achieving desired results. Incentease makes it easy to build, administer and communicate complex incentive and gainsharing programs.

Built on solid business principles, Incentease calculates and reports the bottom line effectiveness of your overall incentive pay program providing justification that incentives have a positive, documented effect on earnings and production.

Contact your MCUA field representative (listed at right) for details.