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MCUA Announces Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are back in 2013! The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) is offering monthly webinars on a variety of topics through June. "Webinar" is short for Web seminar. Participants communicate with the presenter while viewing a Power Point presentation on their computer. It's an easy way to train several staff members at once without leaving the office.

The presenter is Julie Schulte, MCUA's Professional Development Director. Julie is an experienced presenter who encourages audience participation and interaction. Webinars are offered for $149 per connection. (Multiple branches require multiple connections.)  

Webinar Scholarships Available
Credit unions with $30 million in assets or less can take advantage of six free Webinars in 2013. This scholarship can be used for a variety of Webinars advertised by the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA).  Click here to download the scholarship application.

BSA and Patriot Act
January 16 (2-4 p.m.) 

  • Better understand pertinent aspects of the BSA & Patriot Act
  • Identify when to complete a Currency Transaction Report (CTR)
  • Properly complete a CTR
  • Identify structured transactions
  • Identify situations when a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) must, or should, be completed
  • Properly complete a SAR
  • Identify what information must be obtained and retained for various services and products
  • Know the recordkeeping and retention requirements of BSA and Patriot Act

Robbery: Before, During and After
February 13 (2-3 p.m.) 

  • Describe and list the main goals of security in the event of a robbery
  • Identify characteristics of a robber and describe basic techniques used by robbers
  • Describe and list the security procedures to be implemented before, during and after a robbery

Let’s Get Honest About Sexual Harassment
March 13 (2-3 p.m.) 

  • Introduction
  • Intentions Versus Impact
  • Comments, Jokes, Pictures and E-Mails
  • Flirting, Dating and Sexual Attraction
  • Tolerance and Differences
  • Harassment, Complaints and Retaliation
  • Getting Honest and Speaking Up, A Three-Step Process

Member Service Excellence
April 17 (2-3 p.m.) 

  • Describe how to make a positive first impression
  • Identify techniques for building rapport with members
  • Demonstrate guidelines for determining members needs
  • Apply effective listening techniques
  • Describe ways to interact effectively with members at peak times
  • Identify effective ways to interact with angry members
  • Demonstrate effective techniques for defusing anger

Give Em The Pickle
May 8 (2-3 p.m.)

  • Give Em the Pickle is an engaging way to cover the most important thing credit unions can do-take care of their members!  We are all in the people business!  Our job is to make our members happy, and the best way to do that is to give out pickles!

Credit Union Orientation
June 19 (2-3 p.m.) 

  • Identify and describe at least three principles that make credit unions unique among financial institutions.
  • State the credit union motto.
  • Explain the purpose of credit union state leagues, the Credit Union National Association, the CUNA Mutual Group, the World Council of Credit Unions, and the National Credit  Union Administration.
  • Briefly summarize how, when, and why credit unions began.
  • Identify and describe the contributions of at least four credit union leaders.
  • Briefly summarize how, when, and why your own credit union began.
  • Describe the structure of your credit union and briefly explain the roles of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and Credit Committee (if applicable).
  • Identify your credit union’s common bond and field of membership.
  • Identify your credit union’s mission statement and at least three strategic objectives.

Click here to view the Events Calendar and register. Question: contact Julie Schulte at 888.800.6287 or send an email.