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Mid Missouri Credit Union Presents Mad City Money to High School Freshman

The Waynesville High School class of 2015 had a chance to visit Mad City Money during their Life Skills class. For the second year in a row, representatives from Mid Missouri Credit Union presented a simulation of what the real world would be like after high school and college. Each student received an occupation and salary. Some received credit card and student loan debt, medical insurance, spouses and children.

Students built a monthly budget based on their incomes. They visited nine merchants in Mad City who were employees of Mid Missouri Credit Union where the students purchased housing, transportation, food, day care, and other needs. There was a mall for wants and, of course, a credit union for financial services. The Fickle Finger of Fate randomly visited each participant during the simulation and distributed unexpected windfalls and unplanned expenses. Students wrote checks for their purchases and had to balance both their checkbooks and their budgets.

“This was such an eye- opening experience for most of the students, and they truly understood what their parents or guardians go through on a daily basis,” says Tracy McCord vice president of Marketing at Mid Missouri. “This was a very rewarding experience and we look forward to taking this program into other school districts in our field of membership.”