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Common Problems Encountered in Running PZC

These are some of the common problems people have faced when running Project Zip Code. If you have encountered a problem not listed here, please contact a member of the team at right.

Windows XP Users

If your credit union uses Windows XP as its operating system, you must download and install a patch. This is available at the PZC Web site

The Second Time Around

If you've run PZC in the past, you will need to uninstall the previous version on your computer before installing and running the new CD. 

Once you have uploaded your information to the PZC Web site, you may see that your credit union's information appears twice. Once for the first time you ran it, and once for the current process. Send an email and let us know. We'll have the duplicate removed.

EDS Cubics User

We have been informed that users of EDS' Cubics program are unable to run PZC without purchasing an additional program from EDS. We are working with EDS to look for a cost-efficient solution. If you are a EDS Cubics User, please notify a member of the team at right.

No Matches

If you have run Project Zip Code and come across "no matches," you may need to retool your database file. Try running PZC on a comma separated value file (CSV). If you need help modifying your database file into a CSV format, contact a member of the team at right. 

Please note: you are having extreme difficulties running PZC, you may choose to send your database to MCUA Public/Legislative Affairs to have it run. We will need your database in an Excel or CSV format. Your disk will be returned to you or destroyed, whichever is your preference. Send your disk/CDs to:

Project Zip Code Administrator

Missouri Credit Union Association

223 Madison Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101-3202