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New Strategic Partnership with Curtis 1000

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Curtis 1000. In business for 130 years, Curtis 1000 is an industry-leading provider of communications and marketing solutions to credit unions.

The MarketWise division of Curtis 1000 has developed a unique solution called ProfitVueTM to help credit unions understand profit levels of products and members. The resulting data is derived from a credit union’s own general ledger, not national averages, enabling better management decisions. ProfitVue is really three systems built into one. It is a cost- accounting tool, a marketing database, and a pricing tool for loans and deposits.

With ProfitVueTM you can:

  • Identify your most and least profitable members at the account level
  • Identify your most and least profitable products
  • Identify profit by branch location and by loan officer
  • Understand the profit impact of a new loan on a member’s portfolio before it is made
  • Identify specific segments like single-product members and easily output data for targeted marketing campaigns

Kevin Brueseke, CFO and COO for MCUA, says: “ProfitVue is one of the most unique tools I have seen related to understanding what drives the success of a credit union.”

Other credit unions using Curtis 1000’s ProfitVueTM solution have seen dramatic results. The pricing tool allows the user to add a loan or a deposit in a “what-if” scenario to gauge the impact on a member’s profitability. It can show you the profitability components for each member’s accounts, as well as the total profit, ROA, and ROE generated by these accounts!

To learn more about ProfitVue contact your field representative.