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Natural Partners: Credit Unions and Life Insurance

Life insurance, quite simply, is considered a cornerstone of a family's long-term financial security. Without it, all the assets your members have entrusted to your credit union - savings, retirement accounts, certificates of deposit, etc. could be at risk of being liquidated too early, in some cases resulting in tax penalties.

More importantly, your members' quality of life could suffer unnecessarily at a time when they're already suffering from the loss of a loved one. Be the resource your members need with TruStage life insurance from CUNA Mutual Group. 

If your credit union doesn't currently work with a provider to promote life insurance to members, or if you have an under-performing program, ask your Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) field rep about TruStage. And do it soon; unfortunately, it appears that Americans are taking on more risk than in past years. 

Use the Trust You've Earned

Sixty-one percent of Americans trust credit unions (compared to only 23 percent who trust the U.S. financial system as a whole) according to the 2012 Chicago Booth/Kellogg School of Financial Trust Index. A dedication to helping people in need makes credit unions and life insurance natural partners.    

To learn more, contact your MCUA field rep.