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Download New Bank On More Resources

Just in time for fall community events, Bank On More is providing helpful resources that you can share with your whole staff. Bank On More is a statewide consumer awareness campaign designed to inform nonmembers on the benefits of credit union membership. So far in 2013, more than 36,000 consumers have visited to learn more about credit unions. 

Click here to download the Bank On More Campaign Resource Guide. It includes:

  • Bank On More talking points
  • Toolkit resources and event collateral
  • Social media tools

Click here to download the Bank On More Tone of Voice document. It includes:

  • Who and what the campaign is and isn't
  • Bank On More messaging
  • Consumer targets
  • Tips for creating social content
  • Hashtag usage and posting strategies

These tools are a great way to re-energize your staff, streamline your outreach efforts and harness the power of the Bank On More brand.

Questions? Send us an email.