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CUSB Welcomes Five New Participants


The Credit Union Shared Branch (CUSB) Network is growing in 2012 thanks to five new credit union participants. CSD Credit Union went live on March 1 after joining the network last year. Conservation Employees Credit Union, Central Missouri Community Credit Union, Leadco Credit Union and Employment Security Credit Union recently signed contracts with CUSB and are expected to go live in the second quarter of 2012.

“Our Board of Directors is excited to offer more access to our members in such a cost-effective manner,” says Carol White, Central Missouri Community president/CEO. “It was an easy decision to join, especially after talking to Brent Sadler, CEO of United Credit Union - our eastern counterpart. He gave us some numbers on usage, and it really helped to seal the deal.”

In total, the Missouri CUSB Network has 41 participating credit unions and 112 locations including the credit unions mentioned above. The benefits of joining the Missouri Credit Union Shared Branch Network are considerable, including:

  • A shared branch transaction costs about half of an average credit union transaction
  • Members who use shared branching are 12 times more profitable to their credit union than members who do not
  • Shared branching helps credit unions compete with banks by providing the convenience they want
  • 97% of credit unions have less than 10 branches, and 69% have only one location
  • Shared branching offers access to 112 branch locations in the Missouri network and more than 4,400 nationwide
  • Using the shared branch network provides credit unions with added disaster recovery protection
  • Credit union shared branching attracts young members 

To learn more about shared branching, click here or contact Mark Hohenstein for more information.