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Don't Miss the Boat: Volunteers Conference

Credit union board members can take advantage of special early-bird pricing for the Volunteers Conference April 26-28 in St. Louis. The early-bird rate expires March 29. Board members are like captains of a ship. They guide the credit union to its destination through calm, and sometimes rough, waters. Set sail for the Credit Union Volunteers Conference. Lessons include:

  • Board succession planning
  • Board meetings that deliver
  • Board financial literacy
  • Process for evaluating CEOs
  • Volunteer advocacy training
  • Trends in financial services innovations

The Credit Union Volunteers Conference will help you chart your credit union course and reach your destination. This three-day conference is designed to give credit union volunteers all the supplies they need to be effective and efficient in their roles.

Session Speakers & Descriptions

Board Meetings That Deliver - Jeff Rendel
The most significant part of your board meeting is ensuring that the approved strategies are being executed, measured and reported by management. Each board member should examine plans to confirm the implementation of strategies is reasonable, safe and sound.

Deepening the Talent Pool: Board Succession Planning - Jeff Rendel
How can potential board candidates better characterize the changing faces of our credit union’s membership?  By nominating and appointing members who productively represent the demographics of your member base.

Financial Literacy - Debbie Rightmire

  • Solving the Mystery of Credit Union Financial Statements
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses
  • Risk Focused Examination
  • 11 Key Ratios Every Credit Union Board Member Should Know - and bring your calculator!

Process for Evaluating a CEO - Gene Mandarino
Yes, there is a process. It’s important for credit union leaders to continuously evaluate their performance. Board members and supervisory committee members are often a great touchstone for president/CEO progress reports.

What Should I Say? Advocacy Training - Peggy Nalls
Come learn the role you can play in advancing credit union issues in the Missouri General Assembly and U.S. Congress. You’ll learn how to easily and effectively communicate with lawmakers on behalf of your credit union’s members. You can put these skills in action immediately.

Trends in Financial Services Innovations - Matt Davis
What’s new in financial services innovation? This session uncovers the ideas that are making an impact for banks, credit unions and investment firms across the globe. Attendees will discover how existing ideas can be customized for application at their credit unions.

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