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A Smarter Choice Website Reports Activity

More than 190,000 people visited to learn more about credit unions in a 10-month period last year. First-time visitors made up 79 percent of the total. A Smarter Choice is a website that debuted in February 2011 to educate consumers about credit unions, help visitors find a local credit union, track financial news and offer financial tips and testimonials from members. 2011 key statistics include:   


Credit Union Searches:

Credit Union Search


Visit with a successful credit union search


Total successful credit union searches



2011 Highlight for Consumer Website and Social Media:

February 28 – Launch date for at GAC

Saturday, June 11-14 – the first spike in visitors (1,905 or 44% increase) and CU searches (1,260) over 4 days as a result of a Wall Street Journal article

Sunday, August 14 - The first significant jump in daily visits (1,228) + successful CU searches (870 or 71%) – credited to Kiplinger article that mentioned

Mid-August – aSmarterChoice was reaching more than 1,000 social media friends/followers due to the interest generated by a Facebook advertising push over the summer.

Thursday, September 29 – Bank of America announced a new $5 a month debit card fee which resulted in a major public outcry and increased PR for credit unions.

Friday, September 30 – The highest (to date) single daily visits jumped to 7,392 + 2,272 successful CU searches

Sunday, October 1 – Facebook friends jumped to 2,000 in four days (prior to BofA announcement there were 1,014 FB friends)

Monday, October 17 – The month’s highest single daily visits reached 4,517 + 2,438 successful CU searches

Friday, November 4 – The year’s highest single daily visits reached 7,569 + 4,205 successful CU searches

Saturday, November 5 – Bank Transfer Day – 6,429 visits were made + 3,461 successful CU searches. By this date aSmarterChoice had reached 7,137 Facebook friends.