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Make Better Loan Decisions

Credit unions face a variety of issues that affect their loan portfolios. The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) is hosting a Lending School in St. Louis June 6-7 to give attendees the tools they need to effectively run strong lending programs at the credit union. At this school, you will learn how to develop a lending philosophy that can lead to better loan decisions, more loan opportunities and increased profitability. You will discover how to use the credit report to capture more loan opportunities and build member loyalty.

Agenda -Day One

• Explore a lending philosophy that can lead to more loan opportunities and better loan decisions
• Learn how to analyze a credit report to determine what is impacting score
    – Discover which items are not included in the credit score
    – Evaluate what can hurt or improve a score
• Discover how you can use the credit report to build member loyalty and capture more loan opportunities
• Gain knowledge of how credit scores are calculated
• Find the best approach to teaching your members how to improve their score
• Learn how to capture more loan opportunities with a “FREE credit score analysis”
• Discover the correct way to analyze risk factors in the credit report
• Understand the correct way to analyze a member’s total debt ratio
• Explore ways to engage your members and build stronger relationships
• Review and analyze (before and after) credit reports with credit scores that were increased through the credit score analysis process

Agenda - Day Two

• Determine the right approach to have when underwriting member loan applications
• Understand the guidelines for secured and unsecured lending
• Learn how to evaluate risks and make better loan decisions
• Find out how to underwrite higher-risk loans
• Discover the predictors of bankruptcy
• Determine the best approach to close your loans
• Put into practice your knowledge to help your members and make better loan decisions (Classroom Exercise: Analyze credit reports to determine credit score and identify risk factors to make better loan decisions)

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