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Technology Guides the CEO Summit

Have you ever sat in a conference session and thought to yourself: This topic doesn't really interest me. Or, The speaker is missing the most important point! Rest assured, the CEO Summit June 14-15 at Camden on the Lake will be different. Tech gadgets will help attendees of the CEO Summit customize their conference sessions so the most relevant and pressing issues are addressed first. Using Smartphone technology, iPads or laptops, presidents and CEOs will weigh-in throughout the conference to steer the conversations around issues that affect Missouri. If you don't have a Smartphone, iPad or laptop, please contact Liz Adams.  

Register today and join your peers for this engaging and dynamic conference. The CEO Summit offers attendees two special networking events. Join us Thursday morning for a pre-conference golf outing at Osage National Golf Course. Transportation will be provided to and from the course along with range balls. As soon as you arrive at Osage National Golf Resort, you’ll know you’ve arrived at a premiere golf institution. Drop your bags at the bag drop and one of the professional staff will take you to a modern and clean golf cart equipped with GPS. The golf fee is $95.

Join your peers for a dinner lake cruise on Thursday evening. We will depart from the dock at Camden on the Lake for a dinner provided by the hotel’s chef along with an open bar. Spouses and guests are invited to join the dinner cruise for $100 per person. 

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