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Culture & Marketing: A Dynamic Duo for Success

Unleash your staff’s potential with Culture & Marketing: A Dynamic Duo for Success. Presenter Matt Monge has launched a culture revolution, and he’d like every credit union to join. Together with Amanda Thomas, the pair will discuss building relationships, developing people and tackling tough issues to build a healthy company culture.

According to Monge, one of the biggest competitive advantages credit unions have comes from a healthy organizational culture because it unleashes the potential within people and accelerates innovation.

What is a healthy organizational culture, and why does it impact the credit union? It’s pretty simple. A healthy culture is marked by high morale, high productivity, minimal confusion and politics and low turnover. Add marketing to the mix to get your staff excited about growing the credit union and establishing a unique competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend?
• Marketers
• Trainers
• HR personnel
• Managers
• Anyone interested in marketing and culture

MCUA St. Louis Office
2055 Craigshire Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

MCUCF Scholarships Available
The Missouri Credit Union Charitable Foundation (MCUCF) is offering a limited number of scholarships for this seminar. Click here to access an application. The scholarship application is due May 4.

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