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HFOT Build Brigade Seeks Key Volunteers

Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) is looking for key volunteers for the upcoming Build Brigade for Marine Cpl Justin McLoud. Missouri credit unions have raised $100,000 to build Cpl McLoud, a triple amputee, a specially adapted home in Festus. The Build Brigade will bring the foundation of the home to a weather-tight structure in just three days June 15-17.  Credit unions are invited to organize staff teams to volunteer during the three-day Build Brigade. To learn more about Justin, click here. 

HFOT needs key volunteers for the following activities and donations. To volunteer for any of the positions below, click here. 

Food Coordinator

  • Reach out to local community to secure donations of food and beverages and gift cards to be used to purchase food and beverages for the events. (Any remaining gift card balances will be handed over to the veteran after the Key Presentation)
  • Coordinate volunteers and organize shifts of work schedule to serve food and beverages
  • Record all pertinent donor information; individual/business addresses and donation information

Construction Support Team

  • Help support the Professional licensed Construction crews though out the weekend.
  • Help raise walls into place, mover materials, site cleanup and other items and needed.

Beverages, Coolers & Ice Team

  • Group of people that will be in charge of getting ice donations & coolers to keep beverages and misc. items cold during events
  • Water and coffee throughout the 3 days

Paper Goods Team

  • This team will be responsible for getting all plastic ware, tables clothes, napkins, cleaning supplies ( to clean tables and chairs each day)
  • Get trash Cans & trash bags for the weekend

Street Team Leader

  • Follow list provided to ensure community awareness of our mission and local project
  • Organize Street Team plan of action to canvas local community
  • Oversee Street Team Members and assigns tasks as necessary

Community Liaison

  • Identify local radio stations, newspapers, civic organizations (boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.), community groups, veterans’ organizations, schools and churches
  • Assemble a list of potential area donors for the project including; contractors, food and beverage companies, large employers, etc.
  • Recommend companies to assist with the project, i.e. porta-potties, tents, tables, and chairs rentals, AV equipment rentals, etc.

Shipping Receiver

  • On the ground contact person to receive and/or ship any items from/to HFOT
  • This person should be available to sign for shipments if necessary, possibly a business or company address is best

Tent, Chairs, Tables, Podium, & Sound System Team

  • Contact local clubs, American legions, Military bases and/or rental companies
  • Try to get these items donated or discounted for the weekend
  • If this is not able to be done HFOT will pay for everything so that it is available for the event.

Items needed:

  • 1-20X40 tent (Food & opening ceremony tent)
  • 2- 12 X 12 tent or a 12 X 20 (registration & swag sales tent)
  • 18-20 8 ft tables
  • 1-poduim & sound system

Event Set-up & Breakdown Crew

  • This team will be responsible of coming early to each event and helping me set up and break everything down at end of day.
  • Morning of the Build brigade opening ceremony will need 6-8 people to help set everything up- needed from 7-9am
  • At the end of each day this crew will be responsible for breaking down and stacking all tables, chairs, putting away t-shirt boxes and other items in the onsite storage cube.
  • Sat set up crew should come out by 7:30 to help set everything up and arrive by 2 to break things down after lunch on Saturday.
  • End of Day they will be responsible for stacking everything again and one person to meet rentals co when they pick everything up.

Build Brigade Banner Team

  • Hang banner Friday morning and anchor markers so volunteers can sign it
  • Take the banner down on Sunday night and hold onto it until the key ceremony when we hang it in the garage for the veteran.

Registration Table Team

  • Sign in all Volunteers to the site during the Build Brigade
  • Hand out T-shirts after each volunteer signs HFOT Waiver form
  • Register Hard Hats users and then collect them at the end of the day
  • One person needs to add all waiver information on an excel spreadsheet during the build brigade and then email that form to Doreen to enter contacts into our database for future communication

SWAG ( HFOT GEAR) Sale Table

  • Receive shipment at their home of Swag sale items, Inventory the box when received and get back to Cara with totals
  • During Build Brigade be responsible for training the team on how to keep track, tally and inventory swag box each day
  • Train in coming volunteer shirts on that procedure and how to use HFOT supplied Credit card machine
  • Be sure that Credit card machine and remaining swag box, plus tally sheets get returned to HFOT, by mid week after the build brigade

To become a key volunteer, click here.