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Missouri Youth Deposit $1M in Saving Challenge

Missouri credit unions joined their peers across the country for the 11th Annual National Credit Union Youth Week and the National Youth Saving Challenge. Nationwide, young members deposited $21,330,810 into their savings accounts with 241 participating credit unions receiving deposits from 125,867 youths. The average child deposit was $169. In Missouri, 12 credit unions reported the following activity:

Youth Saving Challenge in Missouri  
Actual Deposits $1,185,560.40
Youth Depositors 4796
New Youth Accounts 325

Participating credit unions included:

  • Arsenal
  • Central Communications
  • Central Missouri Community
  • Community Financial
  • Educational Community
  • Electro Savings*
  • First Community
  • First Missouri
  • Holy Rosary
  • Neighbors*
  • Southpointe
  • United
  • Vantage

*National Youth Saving Challenge winners that were randomly chosen to award $100 to a super saver. 

​Photo caption: Neighbors Credit Union awarded young member Logan with a $100 bill for being a super saver during Youth Week. "Logan deposited the money right back into his account," says Samantha Dickson, Neighbors marketing coordinator. "He said that he is saving for college!"