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Credit Unions Climb the Convenience Branch

Credit unions are gaining ground on big banks when it comes to offering more branch locations. Credit unions that participate in CO-OP Shared Branching provide their members with the fourth largest financial branch network in the United States and in the state of Missouri. The network enables members to conduct their financial business regardless of where they live, work or travel. Credit unions offer 4,593 branches nationwide beating out U.S. Bank by more than a 1,500 locations. Chase/WaMu, Bank of America and Wells Fargo/Wachovia top the national list.

“We have had members call from out of town in a bind, and they were thrilled when we directed them to a shared branch,” says Tony DiGiovanni, CSD Credit Union president. “It’s convenient and cost-effective because it eliminates fees associated with wire transfers. Shared branching has also helped us sustain our membership because people aren’t closing accounts when they move or relocate.”

In the Missouri network, credit union members have access to 112 branch locations where they can make deposits, take withdrawals, conduct loan payments, transfer money between accounts, cash checks, purchase money orders, travelers checks and official checks, request balance inquiries, transaction history and more including loan applications and closings. In addition to branch locations, credit unions participating in the CO-OP ATM Network provide their members with 28,000 convenient surcharge-free ATMs across the United States and Canada.

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National Shared Branching Locations

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