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Statewide Consumer Outreach Campaign: Increasing Products Per Member

The Statewide Consumer Outreach Campaign isn’t just looking to convince non-members that credit unions are a valuable resource for financial services. It’s being designed also to deepen relationships with current members by engaging them as they reach various life stages. It works like this:

Imagine 28-year-old “Kate,” a member who has just a savings account at your credit union. Until now, she hasn’t given you much thought – let alone business. But that’s all about to change thanks to the unique social media strategy being used for the campaign. 

When Kate announces on Facebook that she is newly engaged, the search capabilities of the social stratosphere recognize the words in her message and up pops an ad from the campaign’s Facebook page. “Getting Married? Get some help with financial transitions at the credit unions of Missouri.”

Now Kate realizes that her future financial needs can be met by a credit union – one that understands her unique situation and appears convenient to use and easy to communicate with online. When Kate clicks on the campaign Facebook page link, she’s amazed to find a conversation taking place about the excitement of wedding bliss.

That conversation goes something like this, “New couples face major decisions in how they are going to handle finances together and how they will make major purchases like a first-time home. Go to your credit union this week to find out more about finances for new couples. Credit unions of Missouri are dedicated to helping you make a smooth transition into new phases of your life.”

This is one example of how social media can reach current members at prime life stages. The campaign is designed to engage with members and non-members in a meaningful way using the right message at the right time. APCO, the advertising agency leading the campaign, uses the following techniques to tap into valuable markets:

  • Prolonged engagement
  • Extended conversations
  • Further definition of products

“For any credit union, no matter the field of membership, the use of social media takes the conversation to a nearly one-on-one discussion,” says Marc Johnson, social media expert at APCO Worldwide, the campaign’s agency architects. “These conversations act like a magnet for others to become engaged and tell the credit union story on your behalf.”