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CBS Drives Consumers to aSmarterChoice

More than 300,000 visits have been made to so far this year. Traffic spiked on October 8, when CBS This Morning aired a segment focusing on "Five Things to Know About Credit Unions." In fact, after CBS MoneyWatch Executive Editor Jack Otter uttered "" on air, visits to the website increased almost immediately. Click here to see the report.

Nearly 2,100 visits were recorded by day's end, resulting in almost 1,800 successful credit searches by consumers seeking a credit union they could join.

Media exposure is one of the most effective ways for consumers to hear about The more often is seen in the media, at the top of search engines, and via social media, the easier it is for people to find a credit union to join.


Through the third quarter of 2012, 303,300 visits have been made to the site, resulting in nearly 169,000 successful searches conducted for a credit union. Since 2011, when debuted, more than a half a million visits (545,459) have been made, while over a quarter of a million (353,542) successful credit union searches were conducted using the credit union locator on