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Project Zip Code

MCUA needs every credit union to participate in Project Zip Code to accurately show where credit unions members live in Missouri. Lawmakers are less likely to pass legislation that negatively affects credit unions when they realize the strength and size of credit union membership in Missouri, especially in their legislative district.

What is Project Zip Code?

Project Zip Code is a program that tabulates the zip codes of your members and identifies what federal and state legislative districts they live in. With Project Zip Code, credit unions can show Missouri's elected officials how many credit union members are in their district. Project Zip Code also provides other advantages:

  • Your membership potential: Project Zip Code can help credit unions with marketing and expansion. Every credit union can review their membership, determine where members are moving, and plan ahead for these changes - whether it's building a new branch or focusing marketing efforts.
  • Privacy protection: Project Zip Code maintains the security and privacy of member data. No names or phone numbers - just the zip codes. While keeping your members valuable information private, this is a safe and secure way to demonstrate the strength and number of our credit union members.

View your Project Zip Code results on the go.  A mobile-friendly version is now available.  Once you have run Project Zip Code, use the mobile version to access Project Zip Code results and reports directly through the CUNA Advocacy app. To download the FREE app, visit Google Play or Apple App stores.

How to Participate in Project Zip Code

Run Project Zip Code twice a year – in the spring and in the fall (typically May and October).  It’s important to re-run the program every year to reflect membership changes.  You might be surprised at the results!

PZC 14.0 is available online.  Instead of providing you with a CD, use this link to download PZC 14.0:  The website also includes a user manual and frequently asked questions.

If you have run PZC before, you will need your credit union's password. MCUA sends current passwords to each credit union during Project Zip Code months. To have the current password e-mailed to you, contact

Some important things to remember:

  • It’s easier than ever!  You do not have to uninstall the previous version of PZC before running the latest version.  PZC 14.0 automatically uninstalls any old versions from your computer before running the program.
  • For a successful upload, your database must be in CSV (comma separated value) format.
  • If your credit union has its member database in-house, use this link to download and run PZC:  If you do not have a database on-site, contact your data processor. Send the link to download PZC 14.0 and request that the program be run. If there are questions, contact David Kent, or another member of the Advocacy Department at 800.392.3074.

Who should I contact for assistance?

The MCUA Advocacy Department is available to handle questions and troubleshoot PZC issues for member credit unions. If you have any questions or need assistance, send us an e-mail or call 800.392.3074 and ask for David Kent.  You can also contact your field representative with questions.