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shared branch network

Shared Branching: Gen Y Members Want It All


Gen Y is known for their fondness for everything electronic and digital—that means they just need access to online banking and a decent app, right? Wrong. A recent survey uncovered that Gen Y members are much more likely to visit a branch, drive up ATM or phone a call center than any other segment.

Check out the results in the table below. Gen Y respondents of the survey indicated they utilized branches and "offline" services more often than older respondents. 

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Shared Branching Helps During Natural Disasters


Elevations Credit Union, of Boulder Colorado, closed its 10-branch network Thursday and Friday (September 12-13, 2013) due to heavy rain and flooding. The western end of Boulder was evacuated during intense storms and flooding last week.  Susan Green, vice president of marketing and communications said "So many roads and bridges were closed people could not get to work and we did not want them to try yesterday or today. We are looking to have a normal opening on Saturday.

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Shared Branch Stands Out During Rough Weather


In recent weeks, the Missouri area has been affected by some problematic weather. Storms have caused damage to homes, power outages and even amassed tornadoes in certain areas. This severe-type weather can create trying circumstances where your members would need direct access to their funds in an immediate manner. 

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