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First Missouri Credit Union

Missouri’s Credit Unions Bring in $1.1 Million for Youth Saving Challenge


In April, 7,592 youth caught the save wave thanks to credit unions in Missouri. These young savers deposited more than $1,126,000, and more than 340 new youth saving accounts were opened. On a national level, 94,466 youth deposited $20.5 million with 238 credit unions participating in this year’s National Youth Saving Challenge.  

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First Missouri Credit Union Gives Away Gasoline


First Missouri Credit Union (St. Louis) had an early morning gift for customers at the Petro Mart located on South Lindbergh Boulevard in south St. Louis County on Aug.

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KSDK Interviews First Missouri Credit Union


Another St. Louis credit union has gained some local news coverage. Recently, News Channel 5 sought out the advice of Debbie Brown, from First Missouri Credit Union.

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