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CU Perceptions: Why Millennials Like Their PFI


This is the fourth article in the series CU Perceptions, which explores how consumers perceive credit unions in Missouri.

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6 Reasons Your CU Should Instagram


As social media gains traction, there are a number of other platforms that keep popping up. Facebook is a clear must-have for credit unions, but where should they go next? Simple! It’s Instagram.

Here’s why…

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Shared Branching: Gen Y Members Want It All


Gen Y is known for their fondness for everything electronic and digital—that means they just need access to online banking and a decent app, right? Wrong. A recent survey uncovered that Gen Y members are much more likely to visit a branch, drive up ATM or phone a call center than any other segment.

Check out the results in the table below. Gen Y respondents of the survey indicated they utilized branches and "offline" services more often than older respondents. 

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