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Filene Research Institute

Filene Research Institute Seeks Credit Union Innovators for i3 Program


Filene Research Institute seeks the best and brightest minds from the United States and Canada to participate in its i3innovation program, an intensive, twenty-four-month curriculum designed to generate groundbreaking new ideas and position participants to carry the torch for growth and innovation in the credit union market. Credit union employees with a demonstrated track record of creativity and a desire and ability to influence chang

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Filene Institute Seeking Test Group for True Link Card Prototype


As loved ones age, it can become increasingly difficult to protect them from common spending mishaps and financial scams. That's where the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card can help. By heading off potential problems before they happen, it lets seniors live more independently, free from others worrying about their day-to-day spending habits.

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Filene Seeks Credit Unions to Test Trust Card Program


Millions of working Americans are in a cycle of debt that they have little hope of digging out of without an innovative product designed to help accelerate repayment and address cash flow. That’s why the Filene Research Institute is testing The Trust Card, a debt management program pioneered by Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union (NTFCU) and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, in their accessible financial services

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Auto Loan Loyalty Stems From Good Customer Service


Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union (St. Louis, Mo.) and Assemblies of God Credit Union (Springfield, Mo.) recently participated in an auto loan report released by the Filene Research Institute.

Filene’s report showed that auto loan loyalty stems from intangible loan factors, such as good customer service, ease of contacting the lender and lender responsiveness, than from quantifiable loan factors, such as interest rates and down payment requirements.  

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Filene Project Includes Arsenal


At a time when U.S. consumer debt is rapidly approaching $2.5 trillion, Arsenal Credit Union (Arnold) is participating in an innovative new pilot program to encourage its members to save money and pay down their debts.

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